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What 3 New Hampshirites Think of Donald Trump

As reported from the New Hampshire primary by the Guardian

Jan 23, 2024

Even after all Donald Trump has done and been accused of doing, some of our fellow Americans still believe he is worthy of their vote to once again be President of the United States. Here is what three of them said after voting in the New Hampshire primary:

Andres Hulfachor, 21, a student in Nashua, New Hampshire, voted for Donald Trump.
"[Trump] can bring a better America. I wasn’t too happy with what Joe Biden did. I feel like honestly this country has gotten a little bit soft, and he can bring back that hard working culture. There’s a lot of people that have that victim mindset now since Joe Biden has been president. Trump can give out that winning mindset that we need to be a country that other countries look at and don’t really laugh at. On foreign relations, Joe Biden didn’t do a good job at all. Donald Trump got a lot of respect from other countries. That’s very important considering what’s going on right now around the world."
--Reported by David Smith

* * *

Martin Janoschek, 57, is a Republican-leaning, unemployed independent who did not want to vote for Donald Trump, and thus voted for Nikki Haley.
"I know she’s a longshot."
But if it comes down to Trump or Biden in the November general election, Janoschek will probably vote for the former president, even though he doesn’t like his style.
"He’s a little bit bombastic."
--Reported by Chris Stein

* * *

As he left the polling station in downtown Concord, 73-year-old Mark Gonyer declared:
"I’m a die hard Republican, and I voted for president Trump. I don’t like some of the things he did, but out of all the candidates, he’s the best one."
--Reported by Christ Stein

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