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Are you still registered to VOTE?

The Secretary of State is purging voter rolls on July 22nd.  There was a 20% error rate in 2019.  Make sure you are still registered to vote this November.  Click the button below.

Primary Election Results

Blue Skies

Voting Rights Organization Highlights Increase in Ohio Provisional Ballots Rejected Over I.D.

The photo voter I.D. law took effect a year ago. 

Since then, the share of provisional ballots rejected for lack of I.D. has more than tripled according to All Voting Is Local.

The organization argues that lawmakers need to do more to educate voters about the still relatively new requirements.

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Do You Have the
Required I.D. to Vote?

If you've been showing your Ohio Driver's License as an I.D. to vote, continue to do so. 

If you don't have an Ohio driver's license or approved photo I.D,
you may not be able to vote. 

Veterans and college students could be especially affected. 

Click the buttons below for more information to
make sure you have the accepted form of I.D. before you go to the polls.

Ohio Secretary of State's website

13 ABC report on I.D. Law

Cleveland 19 report on
county-issued Vet I.D. cards

Axios Cleveland report on College Student I.Ds

How to get a FREE photo I.D. from the License Bureau

Need a ride to the BMV? 
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