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Ohio U.S. House 2024

The Hancock County Democratic Party endorses Keith Mundy for Congress

Our Democracy vs Trump Fascism?

The Facebook page of Keith Mundy for Congress running to replace Bob Latta

March 30, 2024

From his Facebook page: "Keith's campaign for Congress is built on a progressive People's platform. You only VOTE for Fascism ONCE! Which Side of History Are You On? Running for US Congress in the Ohio 5th District"

Keith Mundy Is Running to Unseat Bob Latta

The Democrat will be on the Nov. ballot to represent Ohio's 5th Congressional District

March 19, 2024

Keith is passionate about Saving our Democratic Republic. Throwing out of congress the insurrectionists.
Free higher education for ALL! Protecting Women's Rights. Healthcare for All.

Tamie Wilson Running To Unseat Jim Jordan

Democrat wins March primary to run for Ohio's 4th House District in November

March 19, 2024

Born and raised in the heartland of Ohio, Tamie Wilson is a single mother, small business owner and community advocate who's "running for Congress because Jim Jordan and Washington aren't working for us. It's time to elect a DOER who will actually get things done for us and our families."

Voters in Ohio's 4th District Will Stand By Jim Jordan

Many of Jordan's constituents admire his fighting spirit and support of Trump...but has he done any real work for the people he represents?

October 18, 2023

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The House Members From Ohio Who Objected To The 2020 Election Results

Of the 147 Republican lawmakers who voted to overturn the 2020 election, five were Ohio Representatives

January 10, 2024

Steve Chabot of the 1st District. Also voted against both articles of impeachment against Trump.
After nearly three decades in congress, he lost his seat in 2022 to Democrat Greg Landsman 52% - 47%.

Warren Davidson of the 8th District. Member of the far right House Freedom Caucus.

Bob Gibbs of the 7th District.
After 6 terms in Congress, he resigned in 2022 after Trump endorsed a primary challenger.

Bill Johnson of the 6th District.
In 2019, called for a moment of silence in the House during debate on articles of impeachment against Trump, saying, "This is a sad day for America."
He resigned January 21 to become president of Youngstown State University.

Jim Jordan of the 4th District.
Ignored congressional subpoena from January 6th committee, but demands that Hunter Biden face consequences for failing to fully comply with his congressional subpoena.
Says the "American people demand" a government shutdown to force President Biden to take action on the border crisis.
Democrat Tamie Wilson won the March primary to challenge Jordan in November.

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