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Ohio State Judicial 2024

The Hancock County Democratic Party endorses
Lisa Forbes, Melody Stewart and Michael Donnelly
for the Ohio Supreme Court

March 19, 2024

Lisa Forbes Wins Democratic Nomination for Ohio Supreme Court's Only Open Seat

Won by a margin of 63.8% over Judge Terri Jamison. Judge Forbes will face Republican Dan Hawkins in November.

February 13, 2024

In Ohio Judges Who Refuse to Recuse Are Undermining Public Confidence

Justices on the Ohio Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court with glaring conflicts of interest that scream for recusal playact as neutral arbiters of the law.

February 9, 2024

Justice Melody Stewart's GOP opponent: Joseph Deters

Egregious ethics violation of Ohio Supreme Court Justice Deters

January 15, 2024

Justice Michael P. Donnelly for Ohio Supreme Court

The Democrat is running for re-election to the high court; Republican challenger in November will be Megan Shanahan

January 15, 2024

Justice Melody J. Stewart for Ohio Supreme Court

Running for re-election, the Democrat is not a fan of partisan interference on the court

January 10, 2024

Ohio GOP Supreme Court Candidate Plays Up Pro-Life Endorsement

At the same time, Megan Shanahan slams others for calling redistricting rigged

January 15, 2024

Ohio Supreme Court Elections 2024

Three judicial seats up for partisan election in November

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