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Shaun Mason

Hancock County Party Vice-Chair

In 2023, Democrat Shaun Mason ran for Findlay's 3rd Ward City Council seat against a two-term Republican. Shaun said, "My focus areas are housing, diverse job opportunities with good pay, education and policies that tackle root problems rather than symptoms. Findlay's residents must have transparency into the city's decisions, understanding the reasons and people behind them. There's a prevailing notion that our elected officials favor a select few over the majority, and it's crucial we address and change this perception." Shaun was defeated in the November general election.

Despite moving often in his youth, Shaun identifies strongly with the local area, being an Upper Scioto Valley High School graduate. He earned a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Ohio Northern University. With a diverse professional background spanning automotive, gaming, and tech startups, he's currently an engineer for a top global sports video and data company. Shaun is happily married with four daughters.

Shaun Mason
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