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Media personalities react to Biden dropping out: 

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and CNN's Van Jones who's nearly moved to tears.

Biden Drops Out, Endorses Harris, DNC to Decide Next Steps

Democratic Committee must determine rules to select new Presidential nominee

Trump's Running Mate is Former "Never Trump Guy" JD Vance

In 2016, JD Vance said he couldn't "stomach Trump. He's America's Hitler." Today, as the GOP's Vice Presidential nominee, Vance has become a "Trump clone."

Classified Documents Case Against Trump DISMISSED

Judge Cannon rules that Special Counsel Jack Smith was unconstitutionally appointed.

Election Briefing: The Ohio Supreme Court

GOP extremists are targeting the Democrat candidates...with huge stakes for democracy and freedom.

Ohio's JD Vance Joins GOP Senate Plan to Block Democrat Legislation

Vance co-signed Senator Mike Lee's letter claiming the "White House has made a mockery of the rule of law" following Trump's guilty verdict.

Hancock Democratic Party's Statement on President Biden's Decision

Thanks to President Biden for his years of leadership and the Party remains focused on electing Democrats.

You Are Needed...To Be A POLL WORKER!

A meeting about becoming a Poll Worker this November is being held on August 1st; click the button for details

What's Wrong With Us?

USA Today columnist writes that Trump shooting breeds social media lies and sick conspiracies

GOP Wins Ohio Special Election for 6th Congressional District...but Not Without a Fight

Democrat Michael Kripchak received an amazing 45% of the vote.

GOP Outrage Over Trump Guilty Verdict is a "Mass Psychosis" Damaging to Our Justice System

Former Congressman Adam Kinzinger is disappointed by Speaker Mike Johnson's "lie to the American people."

I Have Decided Not To Accept the Nomination

President Biden steps aside and endorses Vice President Harris

Sheila Coressel for Ohio's 83rd

Check out the highlights of Sheila's campaign kickoff July 9th.

Anti-Gerrymandering Group Submits Signatures to Place Initiative on November Ballot

Citizens Not Politicians handed 731,000 signatures to Sec. of State LaRose for verification before Ohioans can vote on state constitutional amendment to reform redistricting.

Jim Jordan & Mike Johnson Are Obstructing Justice

The Congressmen lead many in the GOP to undermine trust in our justice system.

Some Ohio Leaders React With Fury to Trump's Conviction...Others Are Silent

Senator Vance falsely accuses Democrats of inventing a crime to prosecute Trump.

Kamala Harris Thanks Joe Biden

"I am honored to have the President's endorsement and my intention is to earn and win this nomination."

Why Are Some Republicans Blaming Democrats for the Trump Shooting?

J.D. Vance, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are saying things like "Biden sent the orders" and "they tried to murder President Trump."

Trump's Reality TV Past Fueled His Presidential Future

Author of new book The Apprentice in Wonderland talks about his six interviews with Trump...and the cognitive issues.

Frank LaRose's Smoking Gun on Voter Purging

In 2019, the Secretary of State almost purged 40,000 voters by mistake. Purge is set for July 22; make sure you're still registered to vote.

Late Night House Hearing to Hold AG Garland in Contempt Devolves into Chaos

Because GOP members of Oversight Committee attended Trump trial, the hearing was scheduled at night, then Chairman Comer lost control of Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Supreme Court Immunity Decision



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