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The Team Always on Offense Wins the Game

David Pepper is promoting his new book, but it's worth watching his appearances on three news programs

How YOU Can Help Save Democracy

David Pepper talks about his new book "A User's Manual for Every American."

SJR Ballot Language Challenge

One Person One Vote filed petition with Ohio Supreme Court against Sec of State LaRose and Ohio Ballot Board alleging that defendants used "ballot language that improperly favor the Amendment" to increase voter threshold to pass constitutional amendments from 50% to 60%.

Reproductive Justice Listening Tour

The Ohio Women's Alliance invites you to their Summer Tour when it stops in Findlay in June. On the agenda: improving Reproductive Justice conditions in our community.

Democracy Under Attack in Ohio

At the Columbus statehouse, David Pepper witnessed the legislature's approval of an August election...and the sight was stomach-churning

Connecting the Spots

According to David Pepper, the President of Ohio Right To Life is against your right to amend the State Constitution...and is okay with animal abuse

The Foes of
Reproductive Rights
Hope for Low-Turnout in August

But look what happened in Kansas!

Illinois Billionaire Trying to Buy Ohio's Constitution

David Pepper looks at the GOP's efforts to raise the threshold to amend Ohio's Constitution to 60%...and how much money a conservative billionaire from Illinois is contributing to support the effort.

Inspiration at the Ohio Statehouse

David Pepper meets an important candidate at the May 3rd protest in Columbus.



Hancock County Democrats of Ohio aim to support local, state, and federal candidates, grow democrat support in Hancock County and come together to rally around causes that matter to the community and support democratic values.


Join us as we meet the 2nd Monday of each month.

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