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Donald Trump: 

Jim Jordan & Mike Johnson Are Obstructing Justice

The Congressmen lead many in the GOP to undermine trust in our justice system.

Some Ohio Leaders React With Fury to Trump's Conviction...Others Are Silent

Senator Vance falsely accuses Democrats of inventing a crime to prosecute Trump.

Once Again, DeWine Tries to Interfere With Ohio Teachers Pension Board

But a new chairman approved by teachers and retirees to bring reform and transparency was voted to the board.

Our Democracy is Under a "Significant Threat"

The non-partisan, anti-authoritarian Protect Democracy group rates the threat to America's democracy

GOP's Inept Impeachment Investigation of President Biden has become a Joke

Representatives Moskowitz & Raskin call out Comer and Jordan at the hearing

Frank LaRose's Smoking Gun on Voter Purging

In 2019, the Secretary of State almost purged 40,000 voters by mistake. Purge is set for July 22; make sure you're still registered to vote.

Sheila Coressel for Ohio House District 83

Check out Sheila's new website to see what she will do in the State House after Jon Cross is gone

Ohio Lawmakers Sponsor Bill That Would Prohibit Employers From Requiring Workers to be Vaccinated

Anti-Vax GOP State Reps Gross & Wiggam sponsor HB 319 "Conscientious Right to Refuse Act"

Republican National Committee Reaches Out to Election Conspiracy Theorists to Help Watch Polls This Fall

Top Dem election lawyer says today's GOP "is more irresponsible and dangerous than it was in 2020."

Yost Slams Trump's NY Fraud Judgment as "Weaponizing Justice"

But the Attorney General won't say if it's OK to file phony business records in Ohio

Ohio's JD Vance Joins GOP Senate Plan to Block Democrat Legislation

Vance co-signed Senator Mike Lee's letter claiming the "White House has made a mockery of the rule of law" following Trump's guilty verdict.

Ohio GOP Lawmakers Vote for Special Session Ballot Bills

But it may blow up in their faces

Ohio's Attorney General Warns Universities: Don't Allow Students to Serve As Poll Workers

Yost sends letter to Ohio's college presidents threatening "criminal penalties"

Former Ohio Supreme Court Justices Lead Effort Against Gerrymandering

Yvette McGee Brown and Maureen O'Connor are fighting together for the Citizens Not Politicians initiative

Trump's Enablers

Why people like LaRose, Husted and Vance are so dangerous

GOP Outrage Over Trump Guilty Verdict is a "Mass Psychosis" Damaging to Our Justice System

Former Congressman Adam Kinzinger is disappointed by Speaker Mike Johnson's "lie to the American people."

Late Night House Hearing to Hold AG Garland in Contempt Devolves into Chaos

Because GOP members of Oversight Committee attended Trump trial, the hearing was scheduled at night, then Chairman Comer lost control of Marjorie Taylor Greene

DeWine Says He Didn't Know About Millions in FirstEnergy Campaign Support

An Ohio political scientist says the governor's claim isn't credible

Ohio's State House and Senate Leaders Interested in Changing Term Limits

Stephens and Huffman could gain substantially depending on how a proposal is crafted

Two out of 3 Americans say: Trump should not get immunity

But 68% of Republicans said Trump should be granted immunity for his actions.



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