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The Hush Money Trial of Donald Trump
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Our Democracy is Under a "Significant Threat"

The non-partisan, anti-authoritarian Protect Democracy group rates the threat to America's democracy

It's Time to End Gerrymandering in Ohio

Sign the petition to put the Citizens Not Politicians Amendment on the ballot this November

The Expanded Gag Order

After Trump repeatedly attacked Judge's daughter online, Judge Merchan expanded initial gag order to protect families of all trial participants

MAGA Supreme Court? Six Republicans In Robes? Delaying Justice in Favor of Trump?

After 2 1/2 weeks SCOTUS decides to hear Trump immunity case, but not until April 22.

Governor DeWine Broke the Law

10th Dist. Court of Appeals: DeWine openly violated the law when he replaced a member of the Teachers Pension Board

Republican National Committee Reaches Out to Election Conspiracy Theorists to Help Watch Polls This Fall

Top Dem election lawyer says today's GOP "is more irresponsible and dangerous than it was in 2020."

Sheila Coressel for Ohio House District 83

Check out Sheila's new website to see what she will do in the State House after Jon Cross is gone

ACLU Ohio Files Lawsuit Against Gender-Affirming Care Ban for Trans Minors

Suit filed on behalf of two Ohio families with 12-year-old transgender daughters

Yost Slams Trump's NY Fraud Judgment as "Weaponizing Justice"

But the Attorney General won't say if it's OK to file phony business records in Ohio

Trump's Enablers

Why people like LaRose, Husted and Vance are so dangerous

DeWine & Husted Won't Comment on Ex-PUCO Chairman's Suicide Amid Largest Corruption Scandal in Ohio History

Status of the corrupt legislation behind scandal and legislators comments

During His Video Statement on Abortion, Trump Claims Democrats Support Executing Babies

But with headlines only focused on Trump saying states should determine their own abortion laws, the media draws criticism from Rachel Maddow.

GOP's Inept Impeachment Investigation of President Biden has become a Joke

Representatives Moskowitz & Raskin call out Comer and Jordan at the hearing

Worried Biden is too old to be president?

Experts on aging say, "Calm down."

Two out of 3 Americans say: Trump should not get immunity

But 68% of Republicans said Trump should be granted immunity for his actions.

Former Ohio Supreme Court Justices Lead Effort Against Gerrymandering

Yvette McGee Brown and Maureen O'Connor are fighting together for the Citizens Not Politicians initiative

Ohio's State House and Senate Leaders Interested in Changing Term Limits

Stephens and Huffman could gain substantially depending on how a proposal is crafted

"It's Gonna Be A Bloodbath For The Country"

What Trump actually said at Moreno rally in Ohio and how he seeks to fundraise off the controversy.

Republicans Huge Loss in New York is Telling

Mike Johnson and the GOP are in disarray after a Democrat FLIPPED the seat formerly held by compulsive liar George Santos. But it’s HOW they lost that gives hope for 2024!

On Live TV: House Dems Clobber GOP Over Border Issues

And be sure to watch the end of the video showing Pres. Biden's phone call to parents of fallen soldier.



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