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Trump Criminal Trial Is Set

Jury selection in felony hush money case begins March 25 in Manhattan

Commentary: How Much Fascism Would You Like With That?

After leaving an Iowa caucus, a voter was asked, “What do you think of Trump saying he would be a dictator?” His answer: “That’s leadership.”

"This Care Is Medically Necessary"

Advocates react to Ohio Senate overriding HB 68 veto

Senator McColley & His GOP Senate Colleagues Override HB 68 Veto

Even though gender-affirming care is supported by every major medical organization in the US

How To Define The Conversation On Jan. 6 & Political Extremism

The narrative on political violence should go beyond Trump to include Republican lawmakers who defend the insurrection

Worried Biden is too old to be president?

Experts on aging say, "Calm down."

Governor DeWine Broke the Law

10th Dist. Court of Appeals: DeWine openly violated the law when he replaced a member of the Teachers Pension Board

On Live TV: House Dems Clobber GOP Over Border Issues

And be sure to watch the end of the video showing Pres. Biden's phone call to parents of fallen soldier.

Trump "Wins" in NH, But Serious Cracks in Support

Hear from one Republican woman as she talks about why she did NOT vote for Trump

Was A.G. Yost Involved With Jan. 6 Insurrection?

Yost appeals to Ohio Supreme Court fighting to keep from revealing public records

Sheila Coressel for Ohio House District 83

Check out Sheila's new website to see what she will do in the State House after we vote out Jon Cross

Trump's Enablers

Why people like LaRose, Husted and Vance are so dangerous

Judge Luttig Warns Supreme Court Against Taking "Off Ramp" On Trump Eligibility

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment is clear that Trump is disqualified for the presidency

How Can Ohio Lawmakers Be Held Accountable With Gerrymandered Districts?

Governor DeWine weighs in during one-on-one with Cleveland reporter Morgan Trau

The Republicans Who Know Better

The damage they add when they go along

Republicans Huge Loss in New York is Telling

Mike Johnson and the GOP are in disarray after a Democrat FLIPPED the seat formerly held by compulsive liar George Santos. But it’s HOW they lost that gives hope for 2024!

Two out of 3 Americans say: Trump should not get immunity

But 68% of Republicans said Trump should be granted immunity for his actions.

Rep. Jim Clyburn helped Biden win young Black voters in 2020...but this time, they're not listening.

Polling shows young Black voters peeling away from Biden in numbers that worry Democrats

Top 10 Democracy Wins of 2023

David Pepper reviews the real progress in the fight for democracy

The Heart Of It All

Extremist, bad faith Ohio politicians betray voters and the republic



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