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Meet Sheila Coressel, candidate for Ohio's House of Representatives 83rd District

This Saturday, Dec 2 @ Findlay's Wine Merchant. And sign petition to end Ohio's gerrymandering!

The People Are Sovereign in America...But Ohio GOP Lawmakers Won't Respect That

Marilou Johanek: "The severely gerrymandered politicians in the Statehouse do not fear or respect voters."

The Attack on Ohio's Public Education

Jon Husted did it in 2005 as Speaker of the House and he's doing it again now as Lt. Gov.

Teddy Roosevelt Speech That Echoes Loudly Today

David Pepper reminds us of a 1912 speech that captures what happened in Ohio August 8.

From Anti-Trans Bills to Attacks on Education, Ohio Lawmakers Push Extremist Laws

Rep. Gary Click sponsored OH HB 68 to ban gender-affirming care and trans student athletes

The GOP's Outrageous Response To Issue 1's Passage

Ohio's far-right legislators are pledging to defy the new Constitutional right

Report from the Front Lines in the Fight for Democracy

David Pepper in Florida with college students who are fighting for democracy

"The Attack On Our Capital Was Fueled by Lies by the Defendant."

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith on Trump's conspiracy to defraud the United States

As Hurdles to Repro Rights Amendment Proposed, Advocates Ready to Fight

Some GOP legislators pledging to fight against Amendment, claiming voters were "misled."

The Democracy Winning Streak Grows

An analysis of what happened in Ohio and elsewhere around the country

Asking a Simple Question to Those Rigging Ohio's Democracy

David Pepper spoke at a public hearing of the state redistricting commission

Why Do Conservatives Fall for Fake News?

Lawyer Leeja Miller looks at how Americans have become so susceptible to falling for disinformation...and what we can do about it.

Democracy & Constitutional Government Under Assault in Ohio

What are we going to do about it?

Despite Issue 1 Passage, Ohio Senate GOP Floats 15-Week Abortion Ban

Senate Pres. Huffman claims "majority of people in Ohio feel that way."

We Face an Historic Assault on Democracy in Ohio

Not only our state but the country is seeing the decline of our democratic institutions



Hancock County Democrats of Ohio aim to support local, state, and federal candidates, grow democrat support in Hancock County and come together to rally around causes that matter to the community and support democratic values.


Join us as we meet the 2nd Monday of each month.

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