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Hancock County Democrats
Contact: Andrew Van Horn, Chair


August 9, 2023

On August 8th, Ohioans were entrusted to deliver a careful vote for the best of all Ohio — we rightly defeated Issue 1. 


As we’ve been trusted for over 100 years, Ohioans saw through misleading propaganda and fear tactics stemming from proponents of Issue 1 and through our natural intelligence and careful research, we decidedly defeated yet another harmful amendment to the Ohio Constitution. 


A majority of Ohioans correctly identified Issue 1 as a sneaky attempt by the state’s GOP to strip Ohioans of our people's power to check the government if needed. Broad multi-party opposition proved that Ohio is united beyond party lines to uphold direct democracy and our constitutional republic. 


The Hancock County Democratic Party would like to thank the broad coalition of opponents including local Independents, Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, United Steelworkers’ Local 207L, Ohio Education Association, and other unnamed contributors. With that support, Hancock County gained ~10 points in opposing antidemocratic and authoritarian causes and contributed that much more aid to the overall defeat of Issue 1. 


Hancock County Democratic Party anticipates building on the momentum from Issue 1’s defeat for the passage of this November’s reproductive freedom amendment, assuring all of us, “We Won’t Go Back!”

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