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Senator (?)
Frank LaRose?


LaRose with Trump.jpg

Like the possibility of Donald Trump running for President of the United States next year, the declared candidacy of Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose for U.S. Senate should also frighten us.  


First, there's LaRose's dubious record as our Secretary of State, especially in the last few years.  Read this before and after article


Then, within a week after announcing his run for Sherrod Brown's Senate seat, LaRose took to Twitter to endorse Trump for President!  It's hard to read the "endorsement" and not think LaRose is kissing Trump's behind.


Now, LaRose faces a Republican primary battle against at least two other candidates next spring, so he may not make it to a face-off with (we assume) Senator Brown. 


But we mustn't take anything for granted at the polls on November 5, 2024.  Whether it's Trump vs. Biden or LaRose vs. Brown--your vote will be crucial!

In the meantime, you can follow this page for the latest Lowdown on LaRose.


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